About Red-Rag

Red-Rag is an outstanding shoe brand: unruly and sassy. Red-Rag's world is a creative hub, an inspiring free world where anything is possible. No wonder Red-Rag's got a nicely provocative and self-assured attitude. It sees the world through cheeky pink glasses and refreshes life with a dose of humor.

Who's in for a challenge?
Headstrong, colorful people who are blessed with a rebellious character love Red-Rag. They are strong personalities who don't follow fashion rules or trends. They love unexpected, pure beauty and surprising, extraordinary designs. When it comes to shoes, they choose authentic, stylish designs that are made with love.

Red-Rag boys & girls: sparkling and extravagant
It's 2004. The Dutch market for kids' shoes shows of a lot of ordinary, dull designs. What's needed is a rebellious and inciting breeze, a 'red rag' to spice things up! Shoe brand Red-Rag boys & girls enters the market in 2005 and presents a refreshing collection that sparkles with creativity and color. Crazy details and prints turn shoes into funny, rebellious items. Red-Rag is completely different: it has an extravagant touch and is far from conventional. Only when it comes to quality, the brand sticks to shoe conventions. Red-Rag is not just a pleasure for the eye, but also for feet.

Red-Rag men & women: rough and tough
In the summer of 2006 Red-Rag men & women is launched: a colorful, different collection that's just as extravagant and unconventional as the kids' collection. Through the years the extravagant and bold styles make way for authenticity, clean designs and tough constructions. Just before winter 2011 Red-Rag men & women gets a huge make-over and moves on as a rough and tough, unpolished brand. 

Past collection